Although we tend to focus a lot on cinematography here at Polygon, I’ve recently been spending a lot of time thinking about what makes a good video ad? What is it that when you see a video ad on Facebook or on Youtube that you watch and you continue to watch? How does that Ad stay sticky in your mind and creates a lasting impression for the product after time.

In this video I discuss a basic framework for what I think is essential for a good video ad. I talk about:

  • Getting viewer attention
  • Keeping viewer attention
  • Creating emotion
  • Stickyness



As for our Agency, its been a busy last couple of months. We’ve challenged ourselves creatively so much the past few projects it almost feels boring when we don’t push ourselves to our creative limits. I’ve come to realize that the key to a good production is planning and the ability to organize and put in key people and resources in the operational level.