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Product Explainer + Product Lifestyle

It’s proven. Having an explainer video for your product increases conversions by 10-20%.

We create product videos either for kickstarter, a landing page, or for Youtube and Facebook Video Ads. Because video as a medium is so visually compelling, viewers can easily recall how your product can benefit them and are more likely to feel informed, persuaded, and motivated to want what you’re selling. Then, its just a matter of driving traffic to your page and shipping that product out!


Brand Identity + Business Storytelling

You have a lot of potential clients. You’ve shaken hands with them, they’re checking out your offering. Before they buy from you, they want to know what you’re all about. Our identity videos tell the story behind your brand, pulling your potential client in to visualizing what it feels like to work with you.

Identity videos are especially important if your business has a bigger mission and you’re trying to communicate that bigger “Why” to the world.

“We hired Polygon to make an identity video for our company. The result came out great. They are very professional and take care to get great shots, making the lighting and placement just right. We have already recommended them and will continue to do so.”

Tony Scherba

Founder, Yeti.Co

Our clients love us. See more testimonials on Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.09.18 PM

Instructional + Teaching

You are an authority. An expert. And you teach to show your expertise. In your student’s eyes, the quality of your video content is a solid representation of the value of your knowledge.

Videos with custom video footage, voice-over and graphics, can clearly explain your message and help your viewers absorb your material.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Video Production Take From Start To Finish?

The video production process is usually six weeks. It’s usually about two weeks for concept development and scriptwriting. Then two weeks for pre-production. Pre-production is scheduling, getting actors, locations and props. The actual production is usually one to four shoot days. And finally two weeks for editing and coloring.

What If My Video Doesn't Turn Out How I Want?

We highly highly stress the importance of planning. We work with you extensively on video ideas and concept development. By the time we lock down the script, we would have explored all options and you would have a solid understanding of how your video will turn out. You wouldn’t have an unexpected end product because you would be able picture and visualize with us how each shot and scene would look like.

Why Is Video Production So Expensive?

Right? You would think that with Iphone Cameras being able to record high-def video that video production shouldn’t cost so much. But it does if you’re going for that commercial look and feel. The price of good audio/visual equipment is expensive already. But you also need to rent lights, and a grip/gaffer to help you shape that light. You need to hire good actors, and props, and rent a location. You need producers to help organize those things. Basically, less generic you want your video to look, the more it will cost.

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