StitchFix. You let them know what kind of style you want. Their style experts choose clothes and send them to you. So simple, and we tried to convey that in this 15 second advertisement.

Cake, A Sysco Backed Startup

Cake is a point of sale system for restaurants. It’s packed with really neat features that makes your restaurant operations run like a one of those restaurants that’s… you know the T.V. show “Kitchen Nightmare” where they make your restaurant better by the end of the episode — yeah using Cake’s POS is like having a restaurant that’s gone through that.

Barracuda – Konzu

A couple arrange to meet up and exchange gifts. The boyfriend character brings his backpack, but the girlfriend character brings a superior backpack: The Konzu. It prevents her from getting things stolen and reminds her to close her zippers.

Clif Bar – Organic Oats

Agency: Erin Crysdale Productions. Director/Producer: Erin Crysdale. Camera/Editing: Kyle Maack. Camera 2: Tony Mac. Sound: Sean Oakley.

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Avigilon – Customer Testimonial

This customer, Steve, he really likes how secure his business is ever since using Avigilon’s remote locking system. He can unlock his doors from anywhere.

Lost Campers

We really wanted to go glamping. So we rented Lost Campers Vans and built an elaborate campsite at Bigsur.

Azure Weartech / Blue Willow Systems

Azure is not just a wearable watch for seniors in cafe facilities. It’s an entire system built for senior care facilities that revolves around a pretty watch that seniors would wear.The Azure team wanted to show investors how in an idealized environment, with this system, Seniors could receive world class care and not have to worry about getting lost or accidental injuries.

Google Impact Challenge – Bayview Hunters Point Community Legal

Every day, BHPCL works to ensure that everyone living in the local community can get representation on every viable legal claim or defense. Eventually, BHPCL hopes to expand their model to incorporate more and more people.

Sweet Earth – Their Producers

Sweet Earth sources it’s raw ingredients form organic producers. Hear the history behind their farms and how they feel about the care of their foods, and how much Sweet Earth cares about their food.

Pencom – Corporate Video

Pencom manufactures screws, bolts and other component pieces. So as far as corporate video goes, this video is almost as corporate as you can get. Still, we’ve tried to make things interesting with motion graphics and lighting so that their manufacturing plant looks really neat.

Exvision: Zkoo

It’s like Xbox Kinect but with a faster response time. Zkoo let’s you control you TV by gesturing with your hands. And, its really fun to play Fruit Ninja with. As a matter of fact, its so fun, that Exvision partnered with Fruit Ninja and had us produce a tutorial video on playing Fruit Ninja with Zkoo (its on the Fruit Ninja Youtube page).

For Agency: Offbase Productions

Zynga: Farmville – Feature Release

Yet another way Zynga sucks you in to having more fun with Farmville. They’ve released the Winner’s Wagon which creates a competition between you and your farming buddies. The person who sells the most produce wins.

For Agency: Offbase Productions

“I have used Polygon for two different videos. One was a one minute instructional video for one of my products and the other was a three minute branding video for my company. They were great to work with, the production quality was very high, and they worked hard to meet a very tight deadline. They are very professional but also fun to work with and creative. The whole process was extremely efficient and seamless. I can recommend them strongly and would definitely work with them again on another project.”
Steve Raftopoulos

CEO, Klio Tea

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Tech In Motion

Since day one, Tech In Motion events have been a huge hit in the community. People come to hear engaging speakers and to meet other individuals who are as enthusiastic about tech as they are.


Yeti is a App development and design firm based in San Francisco. They build apps that connect the physical world with the digital world and they love anything related to the “internet-of-things”.

MV: Mobile Video Reimagined

What does MV stand for? Well, Mobile Video. But once you interact with with the app, and play with its nifty video effects and filters, you’ll soon feel that M could stand for marvelous, magical, memorable, or anything else.

Everything Is Awesome In Scotland

Compilation of aerial shots over 3 days of roaming Scotland. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 3+.

Lexdray: Adventure Happens

Sleek. Active. Designed with modern life in mind. Our bags inspire adventure as much as they do practicality. We craft genuine bags that are made for real life, real needs and real stuff. Founded on four core principles, our bags go beyond what you see on the surface (though the surface looks pretty good, too).

Chris Orwig – Perfect Portrait Lens

From a 25 video series on, author and photographer Chris Orwig demonstrates what happens to the photograph when you choose a wide lens vs. a long lens.

Fashion and Beauty Reel

A compilation of scenes from pretty faces in California. Tony, our lead cinematographer, really wanted to capture the theme of elegance while he was filming.

San Saba Polo Fields

This house is owned by a very famous movie star in Florida. We will not name who it is to keep his privacy, but he has friends that love playing polo. The house comes complete with a polo field for games and a polo field for practice.

Kopport Biological Systems: Quality Control Standards

Koppert Biological Systems is the international market leader in supplying biological control and pollination products to a wide range of growers around the world.

Indian Trading Furs – O’Galvin [Music Video]

Local Folk Music band Indian Trading Furs jam out at the James Joyce.
Filmed at The James Joyce in Santa Barbara, CA.
Shot on 5DIII and 5DII, using Cinestyle picture profile.

Lunabella Hair Salon

Professional makeup and hair company/salon based in Santa Barbara, Ca. We specialize in hair and make up for weddings, special events and curly hair types.

“The Homesman” Behind The Scenes: The Story

Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank star in this mid-western film from Europa corp about a claim jumper and a pioneer woman who team up to escort three insane women from Nebraska to Iowa.

Cold Springs School Auction Video

Cold Springs School is a private elementary school in Santa Barbara, CA. They’re proud of the parents, kids, and overall the community of warmth that they embody. Cold Springs has high academic standards, yet the kids seem to really enjoy attending.

Vapur – Shades Anti-Bottle

The colorful array of .5L Shades will shed light on the way you hydrate. With the durable flexibility of the Anti-Bottle combined with a custom Vapur SuperCap, you’re sure to find your perfect “Shade.” This half-liter is also just the right size to accessorize any purse or pack.

Cambell’s x Oh Happy Day – 3 Tips for Easy Weeknight Dinners

Cambell’s teams up with family blogger Oh Happy Day to provide you with 3 tips on making really easy weeknight dinners. Just imagine you and your family, in a quaint victorian apartment kitchen at the kitchen table anxiously awaiting your slow cooked pulled pork. Oh, that’s a happy day.

Van Life 2 – Ryan Gardner

Ryan Gardner is a Kona Supergrass rider who travels around the United States in his van to race mountain bikes professionally. This video features Knapps Castle trail in the back country of Santa Barbara, California.

Filmed with 5DIII Magic Lantern RAW, RED Epic, and GoPro Hero3. Graded in DaVinci Resolve.

Zach Johnson – Three Big Tips for Even More Email Awesomeness

Zach Johnson of talks about three important tips to further your email marketing campaign. twitter: @zachpjohnson

Kelly Rogers Photo – Santa Margarita Ranch: Styled Wedding Shoot

Behind the scenes on Kelly Rogers’ styled wedding shoot at Santa Margarita Ranch. Filmed by: Shot with 5DIII Magic Lantern RAW and graded in Davinci Resolve.

Most of the scenes found in our work is shot and filmed in SF.

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